We believe all children should realize their potential to transform the world. Experience our visionary curriculum through our afterschool program and enrichment classes. Both programs support our goal of raising confident, supportive, and resilient children who, as young people, dedicate their talents to strengthening their communities.

Leadership Based Afterschool K-8

Olive Children Afterschool program allows students to deeply engage in learning, in a fun and challenging way which provide K- 8th grade students opportunities for growth in a variety of subjects and interests.

Math Infinity MI & KMI

With 25 years of experience, Math Infinity math program is designed following US Math Common Core Curriculum Standards and helps students transition to the new Common Core State Standards. Math Infinity promotes problem solving skills and independent and creative thinking.

Speech and Debate

Olive Speech and Debate continues its tradition of excellence by training young minds in its elementary school classes, developing their competitive skills on its reigning national champion middle school team, and building partnerships with the local high schools to serve them their entire competitive career.

Computer Science

What do we think when we say “computers?” Are computers just used for testing and playing games? We believe computers empower students to create, learn, and engage with powerful ideas. Computer science is a dynamic medium for learning not only tech skills, but critical thinking skills essential for students in the digital age. These critical skills will encourage and drive students to become proactive learners.

Writers Workshop

Rich writing requires several elements in dynamic tension: perspective, organization, audience, presentation, and clarity. But above all, writing requires that children desire to write! Thus, the workshop captures young ones’ motivations and kindles a love for writing.

Model United Nations

Olive Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations program which provides students opportunities to actively learn world cultures and debate issues of international importance.

Youth Leadership

Leadership is a set of core skills and practices that can be cultivated with guidance, coaching, counseling, and hands-on experience. Participants will be involved in a rich range of activities that will help them identify and hone their natural leadership skills.

Intro to Computer Science

This course aims to demystify computer science and show K-8 students that it’s fun, collaborative, and creative. It is designed to motivate students to learn computer science to improve real world relationships, connections, and life.

Youth Law Academy

In the Youth Law Academy, students will role-play as both witnesses and attorneys as they conduct both direct and cross-examinations. Their confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced as they practice, and, eventually, master these legal skills.