My kid is enrolled at Olive Foundation for the summer camp. We are extremely happy that we finally got our kid to a place where her time is well utilized, she learns a lot and comes back home happy. In the past years, we tried a number of summer camps and I thought they were just not worth it.

One key factor at Olive’s is Joni- the Director. The dedication with which she runs this institute is unparalleled. It is for her efforts that this is a place is what it is today. Thanks Joni- for taking care of our kids and providing them with excellent education.


“Sports camp with Coach Ron was awesome and fun. I recommend kids to join his camp at Olive Children!” – Jai 4th Grade

“Language Arts, Common Core, and Story-telling with Ms. Anna was so fun!” – Shawn 2nd Grade

“Break time at Olive was very helpful” – Mehar 7th Grade

“Leadership class consisted of fun games that helped me learn about how to present myself” – Soumya 6th Grade

“Sports camp!” – Shivamsh 1st Grade

“The student store and snacks! Kids can work at the store and sell other kids food or drinks” – Justin 2nd Grade

“I love the activity room. I can make anything I want” – Anjali 1st Grade

“Learning about deforestation and recycling was fun” – Shriya Kindergarten

“Exploratorium obviously!” – Jeffrey 4th Grade


“Leo participated in Olive’s summer program for the past 4 years. Since we live in Pinole, we only can attend summer program.

Leo enjoyed the program because the program made the learning fun, they make the kids have the motivation to learn, to have passion for the project, and they make kids enjoy being kind and give them the desire to help others to make a better world.

Leo loved attending leadership and English class. We especially would give a big thank you to Ms. Mithra. Leo learned how to analyze and follow the idea of what message the author would like to deliver. In each section Ms. Mithra gave parents some feedback so we could understand the full picture of how my son is doing. She also respects that each kid has their own way of learning, making them believe they’re special and they are valuable, making my son very confident.

After last summer’s class, Leo attended 7th grade and he used to not like history, but because Ms. Mithra taught him the correct way of reading, writing and understanding, he now enjoys his history class. He got an honors reward from principal.

Again, thank you Olive, for providing Leo the chance to aim high. You guys make a difference in a kid’s life. Keep doing a good job, you will build future leaders.” – Ivy Chen