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Young Leaders Program

In tandem with Fremont Unified School District’s 8 Great Traits and Tribes Learning Communities philosophy, students will learn leadership through community-building activities. Each month, we focus on one or more traits. How can we incorporate these traits into our speech, attitude, and behavior towards others? After exploring the trait through discussion and tribal interactions, the month culminates in a collaborative service project.  Each project requires students to problem-solve, find resources, and interface with diverse populations. Our understanding of community itself will expand from our classroom or campus into our collective, neighborhood, and city.


Caring I am kind to others.
Honesty I tell the truth
Responsibility I am in charge of what I say and do
Integrity I do what is right, even when no one else is watching
Respect I value and accept other people and rules
Citizenship I help others, my school, and my community
Planning & Decision Making I make good choices
Problem Solving I cooperate with others to find a good solution 


Attentive Listening We will listen with our eyes, ears, and heart.
Mutual Respect We will treat people the way we want to be treated.
Appreciation/No-Put Downs We will speak kindly to others and think of other people’s feelings.
Right to Pass/Participate We have the right to pass in certain activities, and to know that the more we participate the more we gain.
Safety We will always think of safety first.


Warm Springs Community Meeting


Each Friday, students engage in a Community Meeting where they can share their feelings and make good decisions about their learning environments. Students can propose new ideas such as a “Silence-No Talking Homework Room” or address an existing issue such what to do with Student Store Profits. The meeting concludes by giving space for students to Acknowledge their peers to encourage reflective and positive thinking.


Solfliya picks up garbage at Ohlone College
Solfliya picks up garbage at Ohlone College


Following the Community Meeting, students participate in our Young Leaders program. We have facilitated Young Leaders (K-8th) since 2010, partnering with various organizations such as World Vision Child Sponsorship, pen pals, Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship, and Kids Care/Generation On. Through diverse, hands-on activities facilitated by the Young Leaders program, students experience ample opportunities, big and small, to create positive change. With the confidence of a leadership attitude, they recognize they can take the lead in any situation. By trying new things, they discover more about their core beliefs and how to reach their potential as a unique community member.