“Everyone can be great because anyone can serve.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

IMG_5271We fervently believe becoming a volunteer promotes personal growth and strengthens self-esteem. We encourage our local junior high and high school students to volunteer as after school mentors, Young Leaders assistants, Junior Achievement entrepreneurship instructors, and special interns with staff members. Our volunteers discover their hidden talents and expand their views on issues of importance.

For information on how you can volunteer at Olive, visit our Get Involved Page.

As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, we support our community in many ways! In the past we have held the following events:

  • Lego Robotics Camp: The Irvington High school robotics team challenged more than 50 elementary school students and raised more than $5,000 (3 sessions in two years) for their supported organizations, such as Playing @ Learning. This benefitted a Priceless sponsorship ($3,750) to the City of Fremont Park and Recreation Department in the form of scholarships for local low income children. Beneficiaries enjoyed Park and Recreation summer youth programs or a romp through Aqua Adventure Water Park.
  • Math Camp: Mission High school students lead two different classes for junior high and elementary school students, preparing them for competitions. Besides raising more than $2,000, four of the volunteers gained respect from the participants for their responsibility and care.
  • Junior Achievement entrepreneurship program: Four volunteers from Mission High school adapted the curriculum, applying their knowledge of business and finance to conduct two separate sessions on “Just more than Money,” a six-week series with Young Leaders on Friday
  • Aquarium of the Bay Event: We held two FREE events for students in Fremont. We partnered with the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay to host a free lab for all students in Fremont! Over 200 students attended and learned about climate change, solar energy, and the California King Snake.
  • Essay Contest: We held an essay contest about service learning and opened it to the entire community. Participants were awarded over $1000 in scholarships.
  • Poetry Contest: We host an annual Thanksgiving Poetry Contest for students to participate and share what they are thankful for. Three sets of winners are awarded a scholarship.
  • Ace Foundation
  • Young LeadersEvery Friday, students in our afterschool program participate in the Young Leaders Program. This program centers on a monthly theme from anti-bullying to natural disasters. Students have the opportunity to learn about issues in the community and do something about it!

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